Sacred Gatherings

Sacred Circles

“For Those Who Are Ready”

Creating Sacred Space we come together to experience the Divine Nature of Creation including Self. The Teaching Circles bring a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand in the sacredness of our Being. Increased growth and being in Right Relationship with the Earth Changes that are occurring and the Path we are meant to walk is all part of being One within the Sacred Hoop. We come together with others of a similar path to connect with the Spirit of Nature and the Celestial/Heavenly Realms. All is One.


Ancient Ceremony

“Create From Within”

Ceremony brings us into Oneness with All That Is. We enter into the Medicine Lodges and Celestial Temples to remember our Connection to Creation. Women’s Ceremonies are part of the Divine Plan to assist Mother Earth with Her awakening. This is for those ready to receive. One Heart at a time. We begin…

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