Space Clearing

House and Land Clearing

“Earth Helper”

House-clearing attends to the very important matter of being safe and comfortable in our environment and allowing our homes to be able to more fully support our spiritual growth. We are many upon the Earth. Overlapping energies occurs that causes and entanglement. Imbalance has disturbed ley lines and meridians of Earth’s precious body and affects our well-being even in our homes! This work I offer was taught to me directly by Divine Beings including ArchAngel Michael. They let me know how important my work as Earth Helper is in clearing Oositgamu’s (Mother Earth) wounds. Energy builds up inside of a home and needs to be released from the core level. It also attends to the land and Spirit of the Land at the deepest of levels. It is time for old energy to be released that has become stuck. Grandmother’s Medicine Lodge brings tremendous successful results with this work being done. I cannot express enough how important clearing of your environment is in these times we are in. You will become surrounded in love with a home that attracts love and peaceful energies.

Business Clearing

“A New Day is Dawning”

Business Clearing brings you into alignment with your work and all that the Universe has to offer you. This is the opportunity to grow and expand attracting prosperity through what you love to do! Your working space will be attuned to the Light of Creation and blockages cleared. A few years back a host Guardian Protectors gave me this work to be of service and help those with small businesses that are helping others and eco-friendly. It is powerful in shifting energy OF ANY KIND to get your Life’s Work or Business flowing smoothly. I look forward to bringing this to you.

Earth Keeper

“When there are no more Trees and no more fish in the Sea, what will we tell our children?”
This is a calling to heal the wounds inflicted upon our Mother the Earth. It is a great responsibility that requires humbleness and dedication.

Grandmother Selina has been given the Sacred Medicines by the Ancients for this Great Work to be done. A few will join with her as they are called.

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