Meet Selina

Grandmother Selina brings an Ancient Sacred Feminine Medicine Way to restore Oneness with Source Creator, Your Spirit and Mother Earth/MU.
Her ability to align with the Divine in All Of Creation is pure and connects to All Paths leading back to the Centre of Infinity.

This Infinite Medicine Way captures Cosmic Light and Wisdom from the Centre of Infinity to Serve Healers, Teachers, Earth Keepers, Bringers of Peace, Seekers of Truth And For Those Awakening to their Higher Path. This Sacred Way is for all traditions and faiths in order to fulfill your Higher Purpose and become all that You are meant to be  In The Highest.

The heritage of mixed roots

Nkwé ( Grandmother) Selina is an Ancient Healer Medicine Woman from Mi’kMaqi, Nova Scotia Canada. Her mixed Aboriginal ancestral heritage brings a richly woven connection  of Wisdom, Medicine and Understanding.

“The reason you were born mixed race is because you are to be a reflection of the coming together of the races.  We are the Ancestors”

Divine Ancient and Cosmic Beings  guide, protect and support  Grandmother on her Path. They are by Selina’s side and bring Ancient Medicine Ways and Wisdom Teachings for “Those Who Are Ready”.

Her Jourey to connection and ancient wisdom

In 1990 Selina had a powerful spiritual experience that would help lead Her back to the Sacredness within. Powerful Ancestor Beings of Light began to come to her in dreams and sing ancient songs. These wonderful Helpers sang songs of healing and remembering. They would speak through her heart to help her to remember who she truly is.

At that time Selina joined a Traditional Healing Circle that was part of an Anishawbe/Ojibway Healing Lodge located in Toronto, Ontario. Her Spiritual Teachers  of the  Anishnawbe Nation, and they taught her in the Ancient ways of the Sacred.
Selina had entered a healing time to restore strength and reclaim her true nature.
In 1996, Selina entered into semi-seclusion for a period that would last 8 years. This retreat created a safe cocoon where she could remember and restore her Gifts of Healing as well as other aspects of Self. The hidden Medicine of  the Sacred Feminine would be revealed and brought through.

1998 would bring another important shift.
Watching over Selina as Guide and Helper, is an Ancient Being of the Celestial and Earthly Realms. She is Grandmother Turtle. Grandmother Turtle’s role as Healer to Earth and Earth Mothers’ children is significant to this sharing and to this time here upon the Earth. It is when Grandmother Turtle came that Selina would become Grandmother’s Medicine Bundle- Keeper . Ancient healing ways of the Divine Feminine were instilled into Selina’s Heart and also flowed from her own inner wisdom. It began with Grandmother Drum and radiated out to other Helpers of both the physical and spiritual realms.

The time of emergence from semi-seclusion came in late summer of 2003.
The cocoon opened and Grandmother  Selina White Eagle did emerge.

In December 2003, Little Grandmother was guided that it was time to return to her true home upon the Earth which is the land of Mi’kMaqi, (land of the Mi’kmaq) Nova Scotia. The place of her birth and her Ancestors. Having lived away for more than 34 years she was called back to fulfill a service agreed to long ago before birth . Her work from there was to begin.

And so it is that Selina stepped upon the shores of Nova Scotia in May 5th 2004. Grandmother Aluna, (Sea Mother) re-integrated with her Daughter. The Clan Mothers stepped forward from within the Circle as part of the Medicine Way to help with the Healing. A Child of the Universe was re-born and the Great Work was begun.

For many millennium, the truth of the Ancient Divine Feminine Wisdom has been hidden. 
Now it is available again for all to receive.
All Will Benefit from this awakening.

Um’Sit Nogama/All My Relations
Grandmother Selina
White Eagle Star Clan
Grandmother’s Medicine Bundle-Keeper
Ancient Healer Medicine Woman
Earth Walker of the Ancient Ones

Rainbow Medicine ~ Earth Keeper ~ Story Teller ~ Sacred Bundle Keeper ~ Akashic Records Keeper

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