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Moon Lodge Ceremony is always such a powerful blessing for me.  This Lodge would be very significant however.  She came at the time of the New Moon for Spring……. Flowering Moon it is often called.  As I entered into the Moon Lodge to greet the  Ancestral Grandmothers and Clan Mothers for Moon Lodge Ceremony, There […]

Kwe ~ Greetings ~ Boozhoo ~Aloha Welcome to My Inner Landscape Everyone. I come with Sacred Offerings of Grandmother’s Medicine Lodge. It is time now to open my Basket and my Heart to share what is being offered for this time. Spring has come and now it is time to reveal the Visions we have […]

Kwe ~Greetings Relatives! It is truly a new day and much is happening upon the Earth and with Grandmother’s Medicine Lodge. I am looking forward to sharing with all of you along this journey. First, a huge change for me is that I had to change we hosts and so I am beginning anew. Over […]

This marks a new venture for me. Welcome to my blogging site, where I will be sharing insights and messages received through the inspired connections I have made with the Divine. You are welcome to post questions that will be answered through the blog or email me. I am excited to begin this journey with […]