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Greetings!  Pilasji!  Welcome!  Namaste!  Kwe!  Boozhoo!  Aloha!


Welcome to Grandmother’s Medicine Lodge
Of The New Earth

Earth Healer Medicine Woman

               New Earth       Ancient Wisdom

  Reclaim Your Highest Potential Here On Earth

        We Are In The Time of the Great Renewal

Keys To Yourself     Unlocking Your DNA Codes             


(Nkwé) Grandmother Selina
Grandmother’s Medicine Bundle Keeper

Healer ~ Teacher ~ Sound Being ~ StoryTeller


Keeper of The Flame

New Earth ~ Ancient Wisdom

Grandmother Selina brings an Ancient Sacred Feminine Medicine Way to restore Oneness with Source Creator, Your Spirit and Mother Earth/MU
Her ability to align with the Divine in All Of Creation is pure and connects to
All Paths leading back to the
Centre of Infinity  

(MU) Mother Earth Alignment   Great Tree of Life

This Infinite Medicine Way captures
Cosmic Light and Wisdom from the Centre of Infinity
to Serve
Healers, Teachers, Earth Keepers, Bringers of Peace, Seekers of Truth
And For Those Awakening to their Higher Path.
This Sacred Way is for all traditions and faiths

  To fulfill your Higher Purpose and become  all that You are meant to be  In The Highest

For many millennium the truth has been hidden of the
Ancient Divine Feminine Wisdom
Now it is available for all to receive
All Will Benefit

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***Sacred Medicine
Who Am I? What Is My Medicine? What is My Purpose?

Know your Medicine as a Divine Being                                                                              Clearing and  Renewal of your Spirit                                                                                                                    Release of All Karmic Ties

Gather and Create your Sacred Bundle to Awaken The Power Within
You carry within the Teachings, Songs, Medicines, Stories,
Ceremonies of the Feminine
Mother Earth (MU) has called her daughters, the Mid-Wives to Earth to remember
and reclaim the Purpose of the Sisterhood.
Clan Mothers and Grandmothers Council Wisdom is turned !

***12 strand DNA and 12 Chakra System Activation
Who are My Guides? What is My Connection to Creation?

Release existing blocks to Source of All and your I Am Presence
for Oneness with All That Is
Karmic Residue that accumulated over many lifetimes will be released.
Cosmic Alignment with the Universe/Cosmos and Heart of the Earth
Clear obstacles to your Soul’s Path of Ascension
Connect with the Divine Beings who are your Guides and Guardians
They are of the Divine Celestial, Heavenly Realms and of Nature here on Earth

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***Higher I Am Presence ~ The One
How do I Connect With My I Am Presence?

To Merge with Your Highest Self is the Greatest Attainment of One’s Lifetime.
Rise up into the Sacredness of who you are and Become One.

***Align with your Soul’s Purpose
Why Have I Come? How am I to Serve? What Spiritual Gifts Do I Have?

This is a Process of Core Healing and a Release of Old Patterns at the
Cellular Level.
Access the Truth of who you are and why you have come Here To Earth.
Know Yourself and the Medicine you Carry Within to Free Your Spirit

***Ancestral Healing and Clearing

We all have ancestral connections through our bloodlines. Many carry history
of suffering, oppression or dysfunction. This can inhibit our personal growth.
It can include patterns of dis-ease, addiction or separation from Divine Spirit.
Enslavement, impoverishment, so much suffering!..stuck inside the memories
of our collective consciousness!!! Let go and break the cycle.
We are ready to collectively let go of the pain of the past as a Human Tribe.

***What Ancestor Wisdom do I carry that is meant to come through?

There is Tribal and Ancestral Wisdom we carry that is hidden beneath all the
world suffering.. That wisdom now needs to come through. It is to bless
Mother Earth from all corners of the Planet no matter what your Ancestral
Origins may be. We Honour the Sacred in All Beings. To recover the
Wisdom Ways of Higher Truth and Greater Understand bridges Race,
Creed or Colour. Creator instilled Truths to Protect and honour Earth
in the many expressions of Humanity. To be of Service and connect with
Ancestral Wisdom is a Higher Calling many have come to bring in
It’s Original Integrity.
The First Born, our Original Ancestors of Light are watching and waiting
for you to remember them.
Let us take that Journey. Your Life will be changed and uplifted.

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 ***Earth Mother (MU) Earth Medicine Earth Wisdom
What is My Connection to Earth?
Which plants, animals, sacred places upon the Earth am I aligned to as Helpers and Guides?

We each have a unique and important relationship with Earth Mother
and She is calling to connect and speak with each of us.
Delve into the Medicine of Earth.
Know the Plant Medicines and Nature Medicines that support your
Health and Well Being.
Connect with Earth Mother at the deepest levels.
You will be blessed beyond measure.
This connection is Sacred and Ancient.
It brings grounding that will help align you with your True Self.
It is important to be brought into Right Relationship with Earth Mother.
She Brings Many Gifts to You and Helps to Restore your Personal Medicine.


***Sacred Ceremony
What Significance is Sacred Ceremony?
Is It Something that is Relevant for Me?

Women’s Lodges have existed since the beginning. The Ancient Ones have
said these Lodges must come back to ALL Women seeking the Oneness in
This Ancient Way. The Sacred Hoop includes the 4 Directions.
We complete each other!
What is asked is that you have a sincere heart and willingness to honour the
Moon Lodge Ceremony
Star Lodge Ceremony
Women’s Ceremony for Awakening
Vision Quest
Come enter into the Sacred. You will be renewed in the gentle, wisdom of the

Celestial and Ancestral Grandmothers and Clan Mothers.
This is profound Medicine born in the Cosmic Womb of Mother Earth.

image 7

Star Elders
What is my Star/Celestial Connection? Who are The Star People?
What Spiritual Relevance if any, might this have with me?

We are of Earth AND of the Celestial Heavens
We come here to here with a Cosmic Connection that is to be remembered
When we are ready.
Is it time? Sirius, Pleiades, Venus the Morning Star, Orion..
What is the Connection?
The Milky Way. Part of our Spiritual Awakening upon the Earth is to remember
Our Inter-Planetary connection with the Cosmos
Our Star Relatives bring Wisdom and Teachings that is Transformational
And of Great Spiritual Significance to this Time we are In.